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Unable to apply GIRO Link for a concession transit card. I went to a lot of trouble to apply GIRO Link for my concession card (for public transport). It did not work. Posted by Tan Kin Lian at 8:03 AM. It appears that they are not aware that the GTM machine cannot link to the server for concession cards.

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Link Blackfoot and 58th Intersection Improvements Off Leash Park Connaught  The concession card must be carried as proof of eligibility when travelling on the MRT/LRT/bus in order to enjoy the travel concession, and shown to the bus driver, inspector or other authorised staff of SBS Transit, SMRT, SLRT, Tower Transit, Go-Ahead Singapore and TransitLink when requested. Auto Top-up (Concession Cards) - EZ-Link. Enjoy the Convenience of Having Auto Top-up for Your Concession Card. With no convenience fees, Auto Top-up can be registered for your concession cards via the EZ-Link app with your credit card!

With GIRO, there is no need for you to have a credit card, debit card, ATM card or Smartphone app.

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EZ-Link Card; EZ-Link Motoring Service; FEVO Prepaid Mastercard; Singapore Tourist Pass; EZ-Link x Touch ‘n Go Motoring Card; Card. Auto Top-up; Auto Top-up (Concession Cards) Where to Get; Where to Use. Retail Acceptance; Public Transit Acceptance; Account-based EZ-Link Retail To identify whether your card has EZ-Link or NETS FlashPay functions, look for a CEPAS or NETS FlashPay Logo on the back of your card. No activation is required to use the EZ-link function of your card.

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A concession fare is 50 percent cheaper than an adult fare and some concession card holders are eligible for free travel on TransLink and qconnect, and regional ferry services. The following groups can travel on a 50 percent concession fare: (please check for eligibility and conditions of travel) Children (5-14 years and using a child go card ) Secondary students (15+ years and using a green concession go card) Link your EZ-Link card on the app to earn 1 point for every 10 cents spent. This includes non-transport spending too, like when you use your EZ-Link card to pay for ERP or Koi bubble tea (yes it's For example, NETS card holders will be able to use their cards to pay for transit and EZ-Link card holders for retail and motoring payments. For merchants, the overall operation cost is intended to be lower and the market space larger. [citation needed] CEPAS-compliant EZ-Link cards have been available for sale from 29 December 2008.

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The concession pass can be activated up to seven days in advance of your intended travel start date. that the Terms and Conditions shall be binding on the Account Holder in respect of all matters in relation to the use of the EZ-Reload by GIRO Facility and the EZ-Reload by GIRO Enabled ez-link card; that EZ-Link and the Bank shall be entitled to establish the proper linkage between the Account and the said EZ-Reload by GIRO Enabled ez-link card; that EZ-Link shall be entitled to authorise the Bank and that the Bank … Here’s how to sign up for auto top-up at the AXS machine: 1. Select [DBS] or [POSB], followed by [Services]. 2. Select [Apply for GIRO] 3. Select [EZ-Link] 4. Should you agree to the Terms and Conditions, proceed to insert NRIC/FIN/Passport Number and select your preferred auto top-up amount.
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• Alternatively, you may apply for a replacement at any Concession Card Replacement Office. From April this year, customers will be able to pay for their food and drinks using EZ-Link and concession cards at all NETS-enabled hawker centres, both companies said in a joint release on Wednesday (24 January). This collaboration marks the first time that EZ-Link and NETS have come together to provide an interoperable payments system, the “start of a growing relationship [that] will GIRO Application process.

UPOS (Unified Point-Of-Sale) Merchants need only one terminal to accept all card payments from consumers. NON-BANK FAST ACCESS Bringing non-bank payment players onto FAST, encouraging competition and interoperability between e-wallets and bank accounts. NETS FLASHPAY The simple answer is that GIRO only requires you to have a bank account.
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Faktab S1  del concessionario (8). ENGLISH un albero cardanico applicato alla presa. di forza di un lift links.

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They kept telling me that it was possible to apply the GIRO link at the GTM machines.