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The companies Ever hear of blood diamonds? They're one reason you should keep reading. In an age when tweets about an earthquake move faster than the human experience of the tremors themselves, good global citizenship is nearly impossible to fake. I coul It's hard to miss the conversation in the business media about responsibility. While some concept of corporate social responsibility has been around since the 1950s, businesses have seen both an evolving conversation and a growing interest There are four components of corporate social responsibility. Economic means having good economic practices. Legal means following laws applicable to your business.

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Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) has become a key issue for today’s corporations. This type of responsibility refers to the continuing commitment of businesses to voluntarily behave ethically and contribute to economic development while simultaneously improving the quality of life of the According to the pyramid of corporate social responsibility, which component includes the behavioral aspect of corporate social responsibility, that is being meticulous and trustworthy. a. Philanthropic responsibilities *b. Ethical responsibilities c.

Its simplicity, yet ability to describe the idea of CSR with four areas, has made the pyramid one of the most accepted corporate theories of CSR since. Carroll’s pyramid suggests that corporate has to fulfil responsibility at four levels – Economic, Legal, Ethical and Philanthropic. The Corporate social responsibility (CSR) pyramid is important tool for fostering environmentally-sustainable manufacturing by having green manufacturing processes, green supply chain management, and green products and holds that firms should engage in relevant decisions, actions, policies and practices that simultaneously fulfill all component parts: ethical, legal, economic, philanthropic and environmental.

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The pyramid was developed by Archie Carroll and highlights the four most important types of responsibility of organisations. Its simplicity, yet ability to describe the idea of CSR with four areas, has made the pyramid one of the most accepted corporate theories of CSR since.

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The pyramid of corporate social responsibility 1. Carroll’s Pyramid of Social Responsibility Lesson 09 2. The Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility The Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility is a graphic 3. Economic Responsibilities This is the responsibility to provide investors Organizations should engage on all four levels of Carroll’s pyramid of corporate social responsibility Economic responsibilities.

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Organizations must comply with laws and regulations. These Carroll’s CSR Pyramid. According to Carroll (1983:608), “corporate social responsibility involves the conduct of a business so that it is economically profitable, law abiding, ethical and socially supportive. Legal Responsibility The second component of the Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility is legal responsibility. Besides company has economic responsibilities, company also has legal responsibility to operate the business.
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2 Carroll’s Corporate Social Responsibility Pyramid Source: Carroll A.B. (1991) ‘Pyramid of CSR’ The diagram on figure 2 above, illustrates the importance in every step and level of the pyramid.

The commonly used framework is made up of four different responsibilities – namely, economic, legal, ethical and philanthropic.
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The third, which is closely linked to the second, is the ethical responsibility. The pyramid of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is used to refer the famous model of Carroll, A.B., one of the distinguishing scholars in the literature.

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and philanthropic. 4 Components of Carroll’s Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility Economic – For the business to survive on a long-term basis and benefit the society, the first responsibility of the Legal – It is imperative for the company to obey and adhere to the laws and regulations related to the nature 2014-09-05 · Carroll (1991) organized different corporate social responsibilities as a four-layered pyramid model and called it the pyramid of responsibilities. The four different responsibilities - economical, Carroll’s typology is a reference model in the literature on Corporate Social Responsibility (Jamali, 2008; Capron & Quairel-Lanoizelée, 2007; Igalens, 2008; Maignan et al., 1999). Carroll’s model (1979) shows that CSR has four dimensions: economic, legal, ethical and philanthropic (or discretionary) responsibility.